Moving Home

Moving Home

When the time comes to move home, whether you are up-sizing, down-sizing or just going for a change of scene, your first stop should be Greendoor to plan the financial side of things for you.

I will be happy to provide a no-obligation check of your mortgage requirements including a full decision in principle so your financing is secured before you even find your next home*

  • Affordability – how much can you afford to spend on your new home?
  • Porting your current mortgage across – is this worth it, or will a new lender save you money or lend you more?
  • Is your credit score OK?

I will be your dedicated adviser from start to finish.

I can even help with getting a great quote for Solicitors, and the best value survey if you need one.

Call Greendoor before you do anything else for your no-obligation decision in principle.

*(subject to full application and valuation of the property) If you settle your current mortgage and move to a new lender for the new property, you might pay fees to leave your old lender, so always check with me before you do anything so I can advise you of the best way to proceed.


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